Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yeah - it's been one of those weeks/months/years...

i'm fixed and so is smitten. i'll leave it up to you to guess whom this was for...

speaking of her, here's her arm as of today:

and here's the other one - if you look closely you can see the vague outlines of where she carved HAPPY in her arm in between the two currently prominent lines


we're talking. she talks about having had sex with this guy. i ask her whether she used protection. she says no. then she says she doesn't remember.

i take her to planned parenthood right away and get her Plan B.

i was doing OK. sort of. sort of OK.

not anymore

i don't know what to do


i kicked my son out.

i had given him notice of eviction and warning after warning and he refused to do any shit around here.

so i told him that if he wasn't prepared to do what he must - maybe it would be better for our relationship if he left.

he is trying to figure out where he will go.

because making sure that:

1) his laundry is off the floor (as in the living room floor - not even his room)
2) he does his own dishes and his friends' dishes instead of coming in, eating all my food, feeding his fuckwad friends, and then all of them leaving their dishes everywhere on every surface and on the floor - and then when i bitch about it saying "it was your choice to clean them up - i would have" but when i point out that dishes are often left for days he says "and it takes how long for you to clear enough space to work?"
3) i always have enough space to cook and eat
4) his dope paraphernalia is never left out and visible
5) they don't smoke dope in my apartment
6) friends are not allowed over after 11pm on days i work the next day
7) i always know where he is - he is to let me know

yeah - all of those brutal rules. strangling him.


it doesn't get any better than this

Friday, July 10, 2009

blogroller sucks

so i removed it from this page and installed the google widget instead

i'll do some formatting monkeying later

blogroller's ad-bar pissed me off - plus it wasn't giving me good feeds and showing when people actually updated their blogs