Tuesday, February 24, 2009

taking care of kids

likely dropping out of another class... i only have two left, so that will leave me with one

that sucks

i feel like i suck

failing at university again - failing to achieve my goals - failing to complete my course and individual classes


thought maybe third time lucky.

the first time it was my fault. i partied too much. the second time it was the psycho ex bagging at me about money that pushed me off the straight and narrow.

the crap this time is putting me off my third try

i am consoling myself with the knowledge that some is better than none (one class), and that making sure i survive and that my kids survive is the most important thing to me.

so i will likely have to lose the class (withdraw)

to make myself feel better i will quote Bill Clinton on family and jobs:
"And number three, the president needs to know he's doing right by his daughters.

In their hearts of hearts, most fathers believe that raising their kids is their most important job, even presidents. And so we should be happy when he takes his children to school, because it then will free him up emotionally to be even more involved in the decisions of the presidency.

If you know you've taken care of your kids, then you feel that your job can get your full attention."
- Bill Clinton, CNN interview (02/17/2009)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

13.5 miles

that's what i ran today

i feel awesome

3 hours

1800 calories

around 3 years ago my fibromyalgia was so bad i had severe pain just walking to and from the bathroom in my building

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Smitten wrote:

(It was suggested to me by a blog reader that I post this in the main part of the blog. this is a response Smitten wrote in relation to a comment by Sicilian on the post Day by Day (below))


February 01, 2009 1:55 AM

Smitten said...

Cadbury read me your comment, and I asked him to pass along a message from me - he however, suggested I write it myself...

First: Hello!

Second: I am a bit apprehensive about writing here as this is not my space - it is Cadbury's - and I am very conscious about people having their privacy. Just so you know, I do not read this blog - however occasionally Cadbury will read aloud what he has written or comments made as a result.
Which is why I felt compelled to comment today.

I know that he has chronicled our relationship, and that the nickname "Smitten" comes from shortly after we met and he wrote a post (side note, after our second date I wrote that I was "smitten" with him as well).

Yes, the ex has a personality disorder (nuts) and yes it has been a tremendous strain on Cadbury. Yes, he is doing an amazing job - there is so much going on all the time. It is like he is constantly bombarded. But,he handles it, and that is why I am still hanging in/on ... he is worth it.

I am humbled by your comment - and would instead say that I have the insight and understanding that all this periphery stuff will eventually go away. And I see all this stuff as a useful (albeit painful) learning experience.
Every crisis = an opportunity.

The stress will eventually come to an end. And when it is finished, he and I can continue with our great relationship... he is a wonderful man, who actually is the amazing person.
I think that we bring out the best in each other, and when we are together, all is right in the world.

So I thank you for your kind comment, and most of all your continued support. I came along in the middle of the journey, but you all have been here from the start.

P.S. yes, I care for him an amazing amount, and lucky for me, he cares for me the same way.