Saturday, December 19, 2009

it's done

got a call on monday at just after 5 while i was in texas

they got the cheque at 4:57pm

it was deposited in my account on tuesday afternoon by my lawyer

more when i have the mental fortitude to tell you the details

i'm tired - still exhausted from a hard core 2000 mile drive (my parents) from here to texas in 3 days and a day long flight home wednesday and piling straight back into work on thursday

i have instructed my lawyer to update the divorce filing from 2007 and get it done

it should be done while i am in the sunny caribbean after christmas for 2 weeks

can you believe the stbx told my daughter she missed me?

maybe it's true,

but i think she should have thought of that before

Monday, December 07, 2009


as sent to Smitten in an email moments ago:

my lawyer promptly called me back from the message i just left

the word he had on friday was that they had the bank transfers

her lawyer, that is

[my lawyer] "had a run in" with [her lawyer] and told her "come on - this
much time - this can't be anything but stalling"

her lawyer denied it

[my lawyer] pressed them for interest, because the only one getting the
benefit is her [stbx]

they promise expeditiousness

he thinks that even her lawyer is complicit in stalling, and considers
it to be quite improprietous professional conduct

he thinks maybe we'll see some cash this week...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

day 19 of 7...

email to lawyer:

Subject: bank says i'm still on the mortgage, and there are no flags to indicate a transfer...

i just got off the bank with the branch in an official phone call to them about the status of the mortgage that my name is on

they tell me that there are no flags or messages with regard to the mortgage being transferred

they said something might be on a mortgage officer's desk, but that nothing shows in their system, and that they can't give me anything other than what shows up under my name

the lady told me that unless i can give them the name of a mortgage officer who is being dealt with they can't get any more information

is there any proof she has even talked to the bank?

is there any proof being offered by her lawyer that she/they are doing anything other than jerking me around some more?


called [property registry]

my name is still on the property title and there is no indication of a title transfer request on the record


i am seriously choked

19 days of 7