Monday, November 29, 2010

The Ex "Doesn't Believe It" (Asperger's) And Denies Son Might Have It


The ex "talked to some people who know about these things" (my kids tell me).

And she doesn't believe I have Asperger's or NVLD.

And she doesn't believe son has it.

Because if he did, he'd use it as an excuse to "be lazy". So she doesn't believe it. Because all he has to do is work harder and any issues he has will go away.

Or so the kids tell me about her reaction.

I'm going to go for supper with son if he's available and find out what the hell.

I expect she talked to her sister, who has an education degree, but works as an admin officer at the school board, and her mother (hat tip to Smitten for that piece of analysis) and they decided son doesn't have it and that its just laziness and an excuse. And that the ex is flat out lying about having talked to "people who know". Because that's her pattern. Talk to the family, get their sense of things, and then attribute it to "experts".


She was 100% in favour of getting son tested until he told her about my diagnosis and discussed with her him getting tested.

She was pushing him to get tested before I was done my testing and saying she'd pay for it all. She has said since he was little that there was something odd about that boy (which we have always agreed on). He has a funny gait/run. He doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks. He's highly argumentative. Not aggressive/pushy/mean, but always demanding and needing to be right. We both agreed he was odd for his whole life.

And then all of a sudden - no. He doesn't have it. And it's laziness. That's how/why Smitten suggested it was from the family, not the ex's own ideas.


What a dumbass


CP said...

My best friends husband has Asperger's and he is probably one of the smartest, most highly motivated and intelligent people I know. He just doesn't process or read emotions very well. He has issues in social situations, but he is thriving despite that.

What's up, Cad?? Long time, no see! xoxo

Zephyr said...

Hey... I don't have your email address any more. If you get this, email me if you'd like an invite to the private version of my blog. longstems@gmail